My name is Maria Villar and I am an art director and graphic designer living in the Los Angeles area. My design inspiration comes from living in L.A. (Really.) Beyond the pre-conceived shallowness of this vast city lies a fun place filled with diversity, culture and good people.

Working for Rhino Records as an in-house art director for more than a decade has taught me one thing: Keep it fresh. Now, I am on my own and keeping it fresh whether it be through print or web design. I have a love for letterpress printing and have three antique presses in my studio (garage).

Design is essential but deadlines are vital. While developing a good-looking project is my main goal, I understand the complications of the production process. Working in an efficient and timely manner is key to a happy client. Drop me a line so we can talk further. Or, even if you just need suggestions for a good taco place in L.A.


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